MedWise Billing Solves Patients’ Problems with Insurance Billings, Claims, and Reimbursements

MedWise Billing

When you or a family member is dealing with health issues or a health crisis, the last thing you need to contend with are hassles with your medical insurance provider and figuring out what you are covered for and how much you should be reimbursed for medical expenses.

If you are having problems with medical bills or insurance claims, you can count on the wisdom and experience of Adria Gross, CEO of MedWise Billing, Inc. As a licensed insurance professional and insurance consultant, Ms. Gross will work closely with you to comb through your medical bills and advocate on your behalf. That means you can concentrate on your health and healing, while MedWise concentrates on your medical billing and reimbursement problems.

Insured individuals turn to MedWise Billing for assistance in many ways:

  • We ensure you get what you deserve in terms of medical expense reimbursement.
  • Avoid the frustration of understanding the coding on your medical bills.
  • Relieve the burden of deciphering those explanations of benefits
  • Stop spending hours trying to monitor your healthcare statements for various providers.
  • Rest easy knowing you can rely on a medical insurance claim examiner to analyze your medical bills.
  • Save money and time; allow us to optimize what is due you.

MedWise Billing

MedWise Billing is here to relieve the stress related to your medical expenses and claims. Simply send us your explanations of benefits or statements from your healthcare providers, and we contact the insurance company or medical provider on your behalf. You can relax knowing that someone with years of experience is working hard to evaluate your medical charges and help you gain the reimbursements you deserve&#8212promptly, accurately and efficiently!

Case Study:Due Diligence Saves Client $98,000 in Medical Expenses

The grown daughter of a senior citizen turned to an elder law attorney for advice after seeing her mother’s enormous medical bills following two hospitalizations and stays in rehabilitation centers. The bills—from 13 different healthcare providers—totaled $100,000. The daughter did not have the time to go through all of this paperwork properly to track what her mother truly owed; the attorney called Adria Gross to help this woman sort through all the medical bills and ascertain the mother’s true out-of-pocket medical costs.

Ms. Gross contacted each of the 13 healthcare providers and facilities and negotiated the bills with all of them. She worked out payment terms with each provider that allowed the client to pay a reduced amount on some and negotiated fee discounts and Medicare coverage on others.

The result: from the original $100,000 in outstanding bills, the patient wound up having to pay only $2000.

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