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MedWise Billing

Do you have a big personal injury case to handle? Do you need to save time for your paralegals? Are you an elder law attorney helping senior clients work through a problem with medical bills? It’s time to bring in MedWise Billing, Inc. for expert advice and consultation on medical insurance issues in personal injury (PI) and elder law cases.

MedWise Billing specializes in evaluating Medicare, Medicaid, and private health insurance liens and documenting your clients’ medical reports in personal injury cases. MedWise saves money for your practice and your clients—a win-win for you.
Simply send us your PI clients’ medical bills and we do the rest, from contacting the insurance company on your behalf to wading through the paperwork throughout the entire process. You’ll find we do the work promptly, accurately, and efficiently.

MedWise Keeps Your Law Office Running Efficiently While Saving You Money

MedWise Billing

With MedWise Billing on your legal team, your staff stays focused on running your office while we support you during the research and discovery phases of your case. MedWise will analyze all medical bills and help you determine which medical expenses are injury-related, and our service expedites your PI claims while keeping your office running more smoothly and effectively.

Elder law attorneys count on MedWise Billing to determine the full extent of their senior clients’ true out-of-pocket expenses for medical care and work through Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance claims and denials. That way, elder law attorneys can concentrate on their clients’ legal needs while MedWise takes care of all medical billing audits, researches all medical claims and healthcare providers’ statements, and handles all correspondence with the health insurance companies.

MedWise Billing’s professional services for legal practices increase staff and attorney productivity and improve cash flow by:

  • Keeping your staff focused on its designated tasks within your busy practice.
  • Determining which medical expenses are injury-related.
  • Relieving attorneys and paralegals from spending hours analyzing the client’s medical bills—time that could be better spent on other aspects of the case.
  • Avoiding the frustration of figuring out the medical evidence for discovery.
  • Avoiding the need to hire, train, and supervise additional personnel.
  • Helping you expedite your personal injury claims.

Case Study:Uncovering Related Expenses Helps a Client Retain More from a Lawsuit Settlement

A wheelchair-bound gentleman fell out of his chair in a restaurant that was inadequately equipped in spite of claiming it was handicap accessible. After two hospitalizations for treatment, this man initiated a lawsuit against the venue. Medicare, which covered his medical expenses, sought $106,000 in reimbursements from the plaintiff if he won the case.

As the court date approached, he was inundated with piles of medical bills. It was crucial that he ascertain which bills were directly related to his case as opposed to unrelated. That’s when Adria Gross of MedWise Billing, Inc. stepped in.

Ms. Gross sorted all the bills, tracked them against the explanations of benefits, and immediately took off $60,000 from the figure sought by Medicare by finding unrelated bills. In a “questionable” pile was another $31,000 she determined to be unrelated after researching the bills. Out of the original $106,000 sought by Medicare, the gentleman only had to pay back $15,000 from his settlement.

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