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Medical Billing and Credentialing for Healthcare Professionals

MedWise Billing

Whether you are a solo practitioner or part of a multi-physician, multi-office practice; a medical doctor, physical therapist, psychotherapist, chiropractor, or other healthcare professional, MedWise Billing is your prescription for customized services to fit your practice’s needs from consulting to outsourced medical billing and coding to insurance credentialing.

You Take Care of Your Patients— MedWise Takes Care of the Insurance Paperwork

MedWise Billing

Having your credentialing and medical billing needs addressed requires training, software, personnel, knowledge, dedicated staff, and strict confidentiality—everything you can count on when you work with MedWise Billing, Inc. We deliver business solutions to healthcare professionals that improve cash flow and productivity to practices that outsource their insurance processing and medical billing to the expert reimbursement service of MedWise Billing, or turn to MedWise for experienced credentialing services.

When MedWise Billing takes on these time-consuming but crucial tasks, you and your office staff are freed up to focus on your patients’ needs while we deal with the insurance companies. We prepare and manage the credentialing and billing for you and perform all the follow-up. You can have confidence your credentialing and billing will be done efficiently and expeditiously, saving you time and money.

Now doesn’t that feel better already?

Outsourcing your credentialing and medical billing to MedWise Billing saves medical and healthcare practices valuable time and resources:


  • Have access to your patients’ billing information 24/7 on the Internet.
  • Stop spending hours on the phone—focus on patients and office management.
  • Avoid the frustration and hassles of not getting your claims paid (on time or at all!).
  • By hiring an outside consultant there’s no need to pay employee benefits.
  • You or your office manager do not need to hire, train, and supervise additional staff.
  • There’s no limit to how many claims you can file . . . and reap reimbursements you deserve.


Simply send us your credentialing and patients’ billing and insurance information and we contact the insurance company on your behalf—promptly and correctly.

We Give Dentists Something to Smile About, Too

MedWise Billing, Inc. works with dentists in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to help them expand their insurance plan acceptance by working with them on their insurance credentialing needs.

Case Study:Medical Billing and Credentialing Build up Psychotherapist’s Practice

A social worker with a private psychotherapy practice, who had not billed her clients in years, was referred to MedWise Billing, Inc. after becoming overwhelmed by the work it would take to catch up on her billing. She had been accepting co-pays but was not receiving any insurance payments because she was not filing statements with them.

Adria Gross looked through all the therapist’s files to find out what was still current enough to be billed, researching each insurer’s statute of limitations for claims submissions. She got all the bills for service up to date, made sure they were properly coded, and submitted them to the various insurance companies.

Through her research, Ms. Gross discovered the therapist was unable to handle certain mental health cases for insurance reimbursement because she was not up to date on her credentials with the insurers. She turned her efforts toward re-credentialing her client with difference insurance companies; she did all the groundwork for her client to get certification, handled all the paperwork processing, and got her client to the level required for the insurance companies to approve patients’ mental health expenses.

Within just seven months, this psychotherapist got her medical billing cleaned up and started collecting reimbursements from the insurance companies, became certified and credentialed with insurers in order to accept mental health cases for insurance assignment, and built up her practice as a result.

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