“Adria enjoys being a medical bill advocate and I believe this is the key to her outstanding success.

When you are overwhelmed by your medical bills and you would like to have a meaningful conversation about the charges you are faced with and what can be done about resolving them, call Adria. Talking with a person who cares about finding a way to help your family is such a wonderful feeling of support. Her enthusiasm to listen to your concerns and then investigate the best way to approach your bills becomes an uplifting experience, rather than one that is beating you down.

Adria offers a high level of customer service. She answers her phone and works on your case herself!

She works on weekends!

She lets you know when you will hear from her and she often gets back to you sooner then she anticipated.

She is upfront about her billing and tries to estimate how much time the case may take her.

She sent the contracts immediately and started to work immediately.

She takes each case personally and listens to your needs, asking a lot of good questions to understand every detail of your case.

Adria depends on years of experience to get heard by the right person and keeps persisting until she gets the answers she needs. She knows where to push to get money back finding errors in the bills you have been presented. She knows how to appeal to the bill collector’s human side and helps them to understand what you can afford. She understands the personality of the people she needs to deal with and can speak their language making it easier for them to help your family.

On top of everything, she takes time to chat with you about your life and listens. She also shares heartbreaking and heartwarming stories of other families in similar situations with you. She is a fantastic storyteller and it is a privilege to listen to her life accomplishments and experience.”

“My name is Bianey Paramo and I would just like to take the time to say how thankful my family and I are to Adria Gross for helping us resolve a very big hospital bill above $23,000. I have four children and my husband is the only one who works and it worried us on how we were going to pay the amount. I thank God for meeting Adria Gross and all of her hard work in turning $23,000 to just $600. I hope God sends her many blessings and helps her to keep helping people that are in the same situation we were in, because without her we wouldn’t have solved this problem.”

“Adria reviewed and analyzed medical bills and Medicare statements for us in a litigated matter and did a phenomenal job, enabling us to provide proof of the appropriateness of the amounts claimed. Adria is diligent and dedicated to her task, and I recommend her most highly. Top qualities: great results, personable, expert.”
Steven Milligram

“I have known Adria for almost fifteen years. Over the years, Adria has [assisted] me and my family in many medical and health insurance matters. She has been able to create a resolution to every medical insurance difficulty that we have encountered . . . guiding us through the obstacles. Adria looks at the intricate details of the situation and is always able to solve whatever problems we face. Adria has demonstrated her ability to interpret all of our medical bill issues and decipher incorrect coding or human errors. With every distressed situation, Adria relieves our fears and trepidation. We feel blessed to know Adria and would recommend her to any organization or future ambition that she might desire.”
R. Cloth

“Adria is a very organized and detail-oriented woman who has a willingness to learn from the people she deals with. She works well under pressure and is quite capable in ensuring that the job gets done in a timely manner. Adria is a very committed, trustworthy and responsible business woman and always guards the confidential nature of her business dealings to protect everyone’s privacy. Adria also is excellent at following through to get money for her clients from the insurance companies, developing relationships with key people who can move claims through the system. I would recommend Adria without any reservation to be a tremendous asset to every employer.”
Susan S., LCSW

“I strongly recommend Adria Gross of MedWise as someone you can rely on to assist your clients in determining what is right and wrong in both Medicare and private insurance claims against their judgments and/or settlements. From her experience as a claims processor in the insurance industry, she is familiar with the “games” that are played by insurers, as well as circumventing their tactics. Her familiarity with the diagnostic codes used by healthcare providers enabled her to highlight those claims she felt were inappropriate in my case to get to the legitimate ones.”
N.D. Dunitz

“I never imagined that I would ever see the compensation from the health insurance carrier. You continuously advised me to be positive and you always believed you would be successful handling my case. Look at your accomplishment! The hospital bills were paid for by the insurance carrier after a semi denial. You also assisted us in subrogating funds back from the hospital which we had previously paid . . . Thank you for your due diligence!! . . . I will recommend you to anyone with insurance problems. You are a remarkable outstanding patient advocate with a wealth of information. Thank you for persevering on behalf of your clients and certify they receive the monies they are entitled to.”
Dr. John Mendola and Joan Mendola

“Adria . . . is an outstanding insurance advocate for many individuals and families. My family had a situation where our internal medicine physician did not have a contract with Medicare. For us to receive reimbursement from our secondary insurer, we were required to obtain a letter of denial from Medicare. We called on Adria and she was able to obtain a denial from Medicare and a reimbursement from our secondary insurer. Without Adria’s assistance, I do not know if we could have ever received a compensation for our medical bills. I would highly recommend Adria to all of my friends, colleagues, and clients as an effective communicator serving as a liaison between all patients, medical providers, attorneys and insurance companies with any medical insurance problems that surface.”
G. Price, CPA

“Adria helps me bring the best to my clients. She is extremely generous with her vast knowledge and I call on her to answer tough medical billing questions for me and my clients. She knows the ‘ins and outs’ of the insurance industry and has the patience and persistence to get things done! Thank you, Adria! Top qualities: personable, expert, high integrity.”
Karen Rosenberg Caccavo

“I extend my sincerest thanks on behalf of my mother and my entire family for your hard work. I was overwhelmed with the sheer number of medical bills that continued to barrage me daily-that’s when I turned to you. Your professionalism, sensitivity and timeliness helped to make a very difficult situation better. Your ability to negotiate with doctors and hospitals saved my mother both time and a great deal of money. Thank you for all you have done to help my family. I would recommend you and your company to anyone who needs help dealing with medical bills.”
Catherine Redmond

“I have known Adria Gross for over 20 years, and I am continually amazed by the depth and range of her remarkable intelligence, insightfulness, reliability, resourcefulness, limitless energy-and her ability to get the job done quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Adria remains a constant source of awe and inspiration with her capacity to think creatively about challenging problems and dilemmas, arriving at workable solutions in a very short time. Highly ethical, completely professional, and with an eye towards making a lasting difference in the world through her business practices, Adria brings new dimensions to the business relationship. It becomes a wonderful and memorable experience to participate in Adria’s medical billing business and I encourage everyone to partake of her services. You won’t be sorry.”

“I’ve known Adria for several years and have had numerous opportunities to discuss business ideas and processes with her. I have gone to her numerous times for information and advice regarding her areas of expertise. Adria is extremely knowledgeable and always willing to help. She has received a great deal of recognition in her field, all of which is well deserved. I have no hesitation recommending Adria for all of your billing needs.”
Laura Mann, Owner, Law Offices of Laura S. Mann, LLC

“Why do I think MedWise is so successful at increasing revenues? First of all, Adria is well-trained. Not only is she professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of billing and collections, but she keeps current with ever-changing insurance regulations, accurate procedure codes, and industry software – which translates into a reduction of rejected claims, a reduction of outstanding receivables, and claims being paid quickly. This greatly improves cash flow. I can attest to the fact that Adria’s reputation for honesty and integrity is well deserved. Hiring MedWise to concentrate on collections will allow you to focus on your practice instead of on verifying benefits, filing claims, following up on claims that haven’t been paid, verifying insurance companies’ receipt of claims, filing appeals to denied claims. Thank you, Adria!”
Sherry K. MSW, LCSW, BCD

“Adria has provided excellent service for our company for many years. [She] has proven her expertise in billing issues especially with Medicare. With our company, we deal with complicated, multi-code claim submissions. With Adria on these claims we do not have to worry about any denials . . . we are certain that we will receive payment. She gives her unspanided attention to completing the process of submitting and payment of all claims. Adria is highly respected by our employees and us. She has had an amazing impact on our company’s atmosphere. Adria always approaches her job as a professional businesswoman. We consider her a great asset to the company.”
O & P

“Adria is definitely one of the most ethical and trustworthy persons I have ever encountered. With a willingness to go the extra mile . . . Adria demonstrates a generous spirit . . . standing up for the right thing when it comes to advocacy for others . . . . I would not hesitate to hire Adria in any capacity and recommend her most highly to your company.”
Robin H.

“I just wanted to thank you so very much for all the professional support, direction and recommendations you provided for me regarding my parents’ health insurance issue. I am so appreciative that you were able to provide such a quick turnaround of information which enabled us to make very important decisions in a timely manner. I will surely be recommending you and your services where I can . . . you were a lifesaver and the support I so needed at such a difficult time.”
Kimberley B.

“Faced with the mounting paper work, and the run-around the insurance carrier was giving us we were at a loss of where to turn. And then we found Adria, and MedWise. We are absolutely ecstatic that you were capable of reversing the multiple medical insurance denials. You took an amazing interest in not just the case, but a true and heartfelt interest in the ordeal that our daughter had gone through. It was as you were working with your family. And for that alone we are truly grateful to you. Thank you for your responsive, professional and empathetic characteristics. We will unquestionably recommend your expertise to anyone that desires or needs a medical bill advocate.”
Morty F.

“Adria Gross is a hard-working, conscientious professional. She is enthusiastic and keeps on top of the latest news and regulations in her industry. Her services would definitely add value to your company.”